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A Buyer’s Guide for Anti-feathering Lip Liner

one of the best lip liners that prevent feathering

Lip liners are formulated to shape and define the lips to enhance someone’s natural lip contour in the beauty industry. They also prime and prep the lips for the lipstick to last longer by preventing feathering and transfer. Below is a buyer’s guide that will equip you with the knowledge you need about anti-feathering lip liners to help you choose one that suits your preference and needs.

  • Finish – the best lip liner to prevent feathering is either formulated with a matte or a cream finish. The matte ones lack shimmer/glossy shine hence the color is basically flat. Therefore, matte anti-feathering lip liners are more drying and less sticky hence beginner friendly because they don’t smudge and they also last longer. They are also easy to apply than the creamy ones. On the other hand, cream lip liners are shimmery, glossy and shiny. They usually contain moisturizing oils hence more hydrating compared to the matte lip liners. However, they smear easily thus not beginner friendly.
  • Length of wear –the how long the lip liner meant to prevent feathering is going to last in perfect shape without smudging is mostly determined by its quality. And as we all know; quality make up tend to be a bit pricier. High-pigment lip liners usually have more intense color hence can last for hours.
  • Texture – an anti-feathering lip liner should be extremely smooth to give you a natural look and to allow the lipstick to blend in easily. A smooth lip liner glides effortlessly on your lips and can even be worn without lipstick.
  • Waterproof – a waterproof lip liner will prevent you from smudging especially when you are eating or drinking something. They are also a better choice because they guarantee you zero transfer when you sweat around your lips.
  • Tip – the lip liner tip plays a major role during the application. A precise tip will give you very fine lines hence you are able to follow the shape of your lips perfectly. 

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